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The Roll Game

This was the first and by far the best game I ever made. It took me 4 years to make. But here it is today: My magnum opus.

The Roll Game is a sidescrolling platformer game in which the player has to reach the end of the level while collecting as many fruits as possible. There are many balls to choose from in the beginning, namely:

  • Golf Ball
  • Tennis Ball
  • Beach Ball
  • Colourful Ball
  • Baseball
  • Cricket Ball
  • Smiley Ball
  • Wormhole
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Steel Ball
  • Globe

Keep in mind these balls are only for the aesthetics and it has nothing to do with their physical properties.

With every level, the difficulty level will keep getting higher. It will take some time to learn controlling the ball, but once you've mastered it, the game will be easy. Some levels may seem as though they are impossible to beat, but they are possible nonetheless.


LeftLeft Arrow, A
RightRight Arrow, D
JumpSpace bar, W
Make ball hologramCtrl
Main MenuEsc
  • Keep in mind that the ball is in rolling motion and not moving straight. So even if you stop pressing the left/right key the ball will continue to roll.
  • If you go uphill, your ball will start moving slow. If you go downhill, your ball will start moving fast. Some slopes are so steep that you have no control over them whatsoever.


For making the game, I took help from various sources. I watched tutorials, found pictures on Google Images, learnt about copyright laws and what not. So here's a quick summary of the things I did on my own, and the ones others helped me with.

Puroo Kumar Roy
  • Music
  • Idea Exploration
  • Level Design
  • Menu UI
Thanks to Brackeys for Teaching
  • Concept
  • Programming
  • Jumping & Fruit Collecting Sound Effects
  • Animation
  • Build and Compile
Unity Documentation and Stack Overflow
  • Ball Hologram Programming
  • Scene Management
  • Cursor


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Linux Setup 64-bit 20 MB
Linux Setup 32-bit 20 MB

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